Demolution - The Dutch Nirvana Tribute


Nirvana: one of the most legendary bands ever. Still, their musical influence is felt everywhere. The mysterious death of singer Kurt Cobain in 1994? A symbol of the current generation that many believe was lost. Demolution wants to take the audience back in time with their tribute to Nirvana with timeless classics as "Lithium," "Heart Shaped Box" and of course "Smells Like Teen Spirit ".



"The boys from Demolution bring the Nirvana sound lifelike." 3voor12


With now 9 years of experience as Nirvana tribute Demolution knows better than anyone how to bring the Nirvana sound as authentic as possible (if you are even complimented after a show by a former roadie of Nirvana then you must be doing something right). Performance and soundwise, all efforts are taken to bring the public as close as possible to their heroes. Hence the sometimes destoyed instruments. Even the legendary Nirvana Unplugged in New York show is taken care of, as a dead silent Dynamo in Eindhoven already experienced.




Some achievements:
- 2nd place Best Tribute Band from the Netherlands in 2003
- Performances with the Sheer, Face Tomorrow, Tacker, Green Lizard, Heideroosjes, Beef, and many others
- Two tours in England in 2005/2006
- Show on Megaland Tribute Festival (Pinkpop grounds)
- Performance at "That's Live" (Erin Corton)


So let old times revive with one of the most influential bands ever, along with Demolution.